About Me

Born into a musical family I realized at an early age that music was going to be a part of my life! I started out playing the trumpet in 4th grade and continued until my senior year in high school. Even though I was a trumpet player the drums were slowly starting to beat inside me.

In 6th grade I remember listening to a few of the drummers in band mess around with one of the drum sets, and the beats just ate at me until I was 16 and finally asked for a drum set for Christmas. I have since been playing everyday I can.

After high school I attended Umass Dartmouth and graduated in 2010 with my bachelors degree in Operations management. I realized that I wanted to keep improving my drumming so I took lessons for a year at Berklee College of music in Boston.

I am currently playing drums with a few local bands in the area and am excited to see what the future brings! If you have any questions, drum remix requests or are looking for a drummer, please email me. Thanks!